Kevin Moore

Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 62
Country Canada
City Val Marie
zipS0N 2T0

I am a naturalist but birding becomes dominant as you can bird in any environment and in any season.  But I'm as excited looking for herptiles, ferns etc.  Lately like many birders I've taken an interest in butterflies as they are active in the heat of the day when the birds are quiet.

I also collect books, mainly ones from my youth such as the Golden Guides.  I also collect the Peterson Field Guides.  But also like many, reaching that point where it is time to declutter.

I enjoy many outdoor pursuits but could be in far better shape.  I'm the kind who can hike all day but not the kind to run up the mountain.

I am still working but suspect I will retire within 5 years or so.  I don't know where I would retire.  I love the prairies but was born and raised in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland so the ocean holds great attraction for me.  Am considering that fantasy that many have of owning two very small houses in very different locations as the base from which to travel in different seasons.  Don't know if it will happen but it is fun to consider.

I've been through much of North America but not outside which is something I want to change.  I hope my next two trips will be to Costa Rica and a pelagic bird Pacific trip out of California.

I should note that while I currently live in Saskatchewan - I am temporarily in Quebec taking French language training.  I should be here until late June.

I have been on various dating sites and have met some very intelligent women with amazing skills and interests.  However I've slowly come to realize that when you reach 60 that you need certain core interests the same.  When we were younger,  we had the time to adjust to another person's interests and lifestyles.  That is still there but the truth is we have to make decisions more quickly now if we are compatible.

I tend to be politically and socially centre or left-of-centre.    I support same-sex relationships, animal welfare (not normally animal rights), a woman's right to chose and the separation of church and state.  If you don't then we would likely not be friends on any level.  If you voted for Trump then we are definitely not a match.